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Indaba unites data, evidence, and collaboration to measure the things that matter.
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What is Indaba?

Some of the things we care about most – equality, well-being, security – are also the hardest to measure. Indaba is a data collaboration platform that is purpose-built to assemble distributed knowledge about hard-to-measure concepts and turn it into structured datasets, indices, and scorecards.

Data Management

Data management is complicated. Indaba gives project managers tools to automate tasks, monitor real-time status, and adjust to change. From project design to data publication and dissemination, Indaba streamlines your data collaboration process.

Data Collection

Data collection is chaotic. Indaba helps you manage your survey questions, responses, and indicators through a highly structured, but flexible, format. Indaba organizes your data in one place – no more long email chains and lost attachments.

Data Review

Data verification is complex. Indaba simplifies the review process with data quality checks, group discussion, and expert adjudication. Indaba ensures that the data you publish is accurate, complete, and reliable.

Data Publishing

Data communication is crucial. Indaba supports dynamic visualization tools and open APIs to power your own website, as well as many other export capabilities. Indaba unlocks the data trapped in your server and puts it into the hands of analysts, advocates, and decision makers.

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Indaba's source code is fully open

Amida hosts the Indaba platform and provides software support services and new feature development. Open APIs allow Indaba to easily connect to other applications and websites. Third-party developers can add new features as needed, or you can set up and operate the entire system on your own.

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About Indaba

Indaba was developed and incubated by Global Integrity from 2009 to 2015 and is now operated by Amida Technology Solutions. Indaba is one of many Amida open source tools that help our customers convert disparate information into actionable data.

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For general inquiries, contact Amida at hello@amida-tech.com or by phone at (202) 735-1790. For support for existing Indaba subscribers, visit our knowledge base.